March 25, 2020

Welding Portable Electrode Oven 110v / 220V / 240v also called as Welding Rod Quiver 110/220/240v are widely used for maintaining Electrodes at a certain temperature as per guidelines given for the welding job. Keeps electrodes moisture-free for optimum weld quality and electrode performance. They are easily carried to the field or workshop. Weldman brand portable electrode oven has a capacity of 5kg and can work in dual voltage power supply. It has a thermostat that can be adjusted as per welding job requirement. The portable welding rod heater Weldman A5ST is a high quality heating quiver made of carbon steel, enabling it to be used in tough environments.  


The A5ST has a variable thermostat (50-110°C) and an indicator lamp that indicates that the quiver is plugged in. The heater inside the Weldman A5ST is located in the middle to obtain excellent heating result on all welding rods. It is insulated all around to keep the heat inside the welding rod heater. This also makes it safe and energy-efficient. The oven is available with input voltage 110V or 220V. The portable oven is supplied with calibration certificate as per factory settings. The portable oven can be recalibrated with help of a competent engineer.

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